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NBT release Alpha RC3b – Simon-Shlomo Poil


We are happy to announce that a new release of the Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox is available. We have named the release NBT Alpha RC3b – (Alpha Release Candidate 3b). We hope to release a RC4 very soon with even more features.

You can download NBT Alpha RC3b here < Click here >

Major changes in this release:

  •  New and improved Statistics GUI.
  •  New statistics tests, such as ANOVA, Friedman and Kruskal-Wallis test for multi-group statistics.
  •  Feature to plot all selected biomarkers in the Statistics GUI.
  •  Added multiple comparison correction test plot.
  •  New and improved colormaps for visualization.
  •  New experimental Automatic cleaning of EEG signal function.
  •  Important bug fixes in the Phase Locking biomarker.
  •  Improved file import function.
  •  Improved nbt_doPeakFit function.
  •  Upgraded EEGLAB to
  •  Several other speed improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you like this new version of NBT. We would like to remind you, that NBT is still experimental software, and may therefore not always work as expected.

Please help us improve NBT by giving your feedback, bug report, or suggestions for changes by answering our feedback form < Click here >



NBT release Alpha RC3b