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NBT release v0.5.0-alpha – Simon-Shlomo Poil

A new release of the Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT) is available: NBT v0.5.0-alpha

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Here, we show two simulated biomarkers where the red and blue groups are overlapping if we only consider the single biomarkers. By combining the biomarkers, we see a clear separation boundary at the diagonal. Classification algorithms aim to identify this boundary, and use it to predict group association for new data.
The new version of NBT contains tools to integrate multiple biomarkers. The integration of multiple biomarker can reveal hidden separation boundaries.  Figure from Poil et al, 2013. Read more details, click here.

Changelog (In total 45 commits and changes to 368 files since NBT v0.4.2-alpha):

  • New tools for integrating biomarker (see details here)
  • Correcting critical bug in eeg_eegrej (eeg_eegrej.m did not combine regions correctly – see commit log)
  • New biomarker: Phase Lag Index
  • New biomarker: Hjorth’s parameters.
  • New option to plot a grand average power spectrum
  • Upgraded EEGLAB to 13.3.2
  • Multiple minor bug fixes.

Full list of changes

Get involved in the development of NBT, click here.

NBT release v0.5.0-alpha
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