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A milestone: 200 NBT users

We have reached a milestone with 200 users of the Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT) today.

We had not expected such a great success when we released NBT April last year. We are very happy for you support and trust.

NBT has already been used to analyze data for 2 published papers http://l.nbtwiki.net/Vlm6dJ , and many articles in preparation.

We thank all who has given us feedback, which has improved NBT; either on the help mail-list http://l.nbtwiki.net/HRIMOF or our feedback form http://l.nbtwiki.net/JRmxbg .

Currently, we are working hard on improving the statistical functions and the general flow of data in NBT. We still need your feedback! Please join our discussion on LinkedIn “Which statistical tests do miss in NBT?” http://l.nbtwiki.net/YecF08

Please, like us on Facebook http://l.nbtwiki.net/T3RU8f