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More than 1000 NBT users – Simon-Shlomo Poil

(This post was orginally posted on LinkedIn Pulse )

We just passed an important milestone of 1000 registered users of the Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (www.nbtwiki.net).

As seen in the Figure below we have stable growth in number of users, with around 10 new users each week.

We are very happy to see this great interests. However, developing the NBT toolbox as an open-source toolbox is not for free, we have invested about 500.000 EUR on this project since 2008.

We appreciate the donations we already have received, and we encourage you to support us by making a donation or getting involved with the development (see below).

Propel your science to a higher level!
An alternative support is to outsource part of your data analysis in NBT to our developers. If you need a quotation for your budget in a grant proposal, please contact us (reply to this email) for a good deal on how to propel your science to a higher level. Click here to read more.

Next version: NBTv0.6.0 coming soon
We are working hard on getting NBTv0.6.0 ready for release. This version of NBT has been completely re-designed to allow more flexibility in data handling. You can read the API documentation for this version here.

Good ideas for improving NBT? Just send me an email and we can discuss.

Figure: Stable growth in NBT users. Cumulative sum of new unique sign-ups.

The NBT toolbox is an open-source Matlab toolbox, which integrates easily with other toolboxes such as EEGlab and Fieldtrip. NBT provides a data processing pipeline, from raw data to final statistical analysis and visualization of M/EEG biomarkers combined with biomarkers from other modalities. The pipeline enables fast processing and the NBT data structure provides an intuitive and predictable interface for programming of advanced statistical analysis.

More than 1000 NBT users
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